Who’s Atlanta’s Hottest Rapper Out?


Khayin Maheia

It started out with Offset, Quavo, & Takeoff– Atlanta’s hottest rappers out for years now. However, the Atlanta rap music scene is changing thanks to the presence of two rappers: Gunna & Lil Baby. You might recognize these names from hit songs like “Sold Out Dates”, “Yosemite”, “Drip or Drown”, & “Yes Indeed.” Their style of rap is similar to that of their talented companion, Young Thug, who is also Atlanta-born. The rappers do well when they work together, considering the fact that their collaborations make up a decent amount of their hits. But what happens when these two rookie rappers go head to head? Who is more talented? Who is the hottest Atlanta rapper out now?

According to Mauricio Angelito (‘19), Lil Baby is better. He explains, “ The first time I heard of Lil Baby was when he and Drake dropped Yes Indeed. Drake went hard and when his verse ended I was about to switch songs since I never heard of Lil Baby and thought his verse would be bad. Yet, I would say Lil Baby went harder than Drake’s. He had a great flow, unique word choice, and when he hit us with the “wah wah wah… I’m Lil Baby”, it was over.” He continues, “both are good southern rappers, but I would say Lil Baby has a more unique flow which makes him stand out. He has sauce basically.”

Many others disagree and believe that Gunna’s flow and voice is a lot smoother and he really talks to the listener. Who do you think is better? Gunna or Lil Baby?