Wakanda Forever

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The highly anticipated movie “Black Panther” came out last Friday, February 16th. The movie is getting positive feedback from most people, even those who don’t normally like superhero movies. Those who saw the movie include 175 lucky Whitney Young students who were able to see the movie for free, thanks to Jussie Smollett, an actor on the popular TV show, “Empire.” Students were extremely pleased like Madison Beckham ‘18, who said “I’m really glad I was able to come see the movie and it was free, so thank you Jussie!!!” This movie has raised a new argument. There is a notion in Hollywood that movies with people of color don’t travel well, or they don’t make a lot of money overseas. Black Panther, however, was a huge success in the US and all across the world. It made over $215 million in the first weekend in the US alone. This success has brought about the idea that there is a huge need for representation of people of color in other popular movies. Nariya Douglas ‘19 said “I am an aspiring actress and this is a huge issue for me and my future as an actress.” For example, Harry Potter only has 5 minutes and 43 seconds of speaking by people of color for all of the movies that were made. That is unacceptable for movies that are supposed to be relatable to everyone. Black Panther could be a trailblazer movie for a new rise of representation in popular movies.” Hopefully other directors follow the lead of the brilliant Ryan Coogler and embrace this new wave.

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