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Safety in the streets

Kennedy Higginbottom

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Safety in the Streets

By Kennedy Higginbottom

With homecoming season approaching, we should remind ourselves of some safety requirements when driving.

Seat belts-

  • -Protect people by putting restrictions on their bodies’
  • -Reduce the amount of injuries in car accidents
  • -Should be worn by all car passengers, including the drivers
  • -If not worn there could be fine starting 25$- and for children $75 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense.

Proper way to wear seatbelt-

  • Should be worn across a person’s shoulder and across their upper thigh/lap.
  • Should not be worn to the point that it will strain the neck and prevent breathing.
  • Should be worn around your hip and make sure it is not too tight but tight enough so you won’t slip out.


Airbags are safety devices made of nylon within a vehicle that expands in order to work along with seat belts to protect drivers and passengers during a vehicle collision.

How does it work?

With force equivalent to going ten to fifteen miles at a brick wall the sensor within the airbags will activate and release nitrogen into the airbags. Within one twenty fifth of a second the airbag will expand.


A concerned high school parents  states “Teens need to be caution because many of them are new drivers and don’t drive as well as they believe they can”.

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Safety in the streets