Senior T-Shirts

Scott Ai

As college deadlines creep closer and closer, college-bound seniors are fraught with stress and anxiety. And they have discovered the perfect outlet to let it out. Facebook. Or more specifically, the Whitney Young Class of 2018 Facebook page. Scrolling down the page, I found dozens of different senior t-shirt designs; in the comments, people were bashing other’s designs and promoting their own. For those of you who don’t know, there was a poll where seniors could vote for their favorite black-and-white design. The goal of this poll was to determine ONE design that the entire senior class would wear.

However, one student decided to take matters into his own hands. Marcello Mata ‘18, WY Dolphin and graphic designer extraordinaire, created his own t-shirt and ordered a dozen for him and his friends. He thinks that “everyone should just make their own shirts” and “express individuality rather than fall into the trap of conformity.” When asked about his inspiration, he said, “The other shirts were boring, so I had to make something interesting.”

What do you guys think? Should everyone take initiative and create their own shirts like Marcello? Or should the administration choose the shirt design for us? Please send us your thoughts at [email protected]

Marcello Mata ’18