Boys and Girls Hoops

Kaitlyn A. Valle, Staff Writer

Our Boys’ and Girls’ Varsity basketball have had an excellent and victorious season as they show the true dolphin mentality. With the boys’ having a winning streak of 4W as well as our girls having 3W, both have overcome tribulation and don’t fail to fulfill a Dolphin’s expectations. 


The Varsity Boys’ Basketball team has a 21-6 overall record, only losing by a few points against schools Kenwood, Jackson, Sidwell, Harvard-Westlake, and Curie. They had an irrefutable performance against Lane Tech when they moved to overtime twice against them. The game ended with number 11, DJ, catching the rebound and passing it to Antonio Munoz who then performed an impressive dunk. Recently, this team has played against Crane Medical School for Senior Night, with our seniors Dalen Davis, DJ, Ian Boyd, Marcus Pigram, and Christian Alverez all having outstanding performances. As for our JV and Freshman teams, these teams have both shown impeccable performances and have both held their winning streaks as well as our Varsity team, showed true Dolphin mentality. 

Photographed by jafilms_


The Varsity Girls’ Basketball team has had a 22-5 record, having outstanding performances and overcoming tribulations. This team has drastically won many games some highlighting Jones 89-30, Westinghouse 85-22, and recently winning against Kennedy by 135-10. Superb performances were performed by #13, Skylar Jones, having an average of 19.4 points per game, and #2, Destiny Jackson, having an average of 17.8 points per game. They had a successful senior night against Butler with senior Skylar Jones leading with 33 points. As for the JV team, they have had an amazing season recently winning 64-0 against Von Steuben, with staggering performances from Nina Llyod, Marcela Matallania, and Kennedy Glover. 

Photos courtesy of WY Courtside 2022 2023.