Top Seven Best Chairs EVER (Not Clickbait)

Sam Andrews, Chair Enthusiast

Now that school is remote, people are using chairs more than ever!!! Chairs have a wide variety of uses, from being used as a seat and a beloved companion to an instrument of bludgeoning. Now that chairs are getting the recognition they deserve, here is a list of the top seven best chairs!


  1. Wooden Chair

This famous chair is made from wood, a hard material that comes from trees. Because wood comes in at least three different colors, you can be sure that you will never get bored of the options for wood chairs once you see them in dark brown, light brown, and even medium brown. 

  1. Leather Office Chair

If you love being productive, then oh boy, this is the chair for you. This chair comes with the unique feature of allowing you to do work at the same time that you are sitting in it! Additionally, it comes with a comfy leather seat and back that make your butt and back feel like a real VIP. Additionally, it often comes with wheels, allowing the user to spin and transport themself around without ever having to stand!

  1. Armchair

What this chair lacks in mobility, it makes up for in sheer comfort. This chair is so soft, it feels like you are being swallowed whole into a large, comfortable, fleshy mouth. Additionally, this chair has arms, so your hands can sit along with the rest of your body. Pure bliss.

  1. Metal Chair

While it is not the most comfortable chair, it is this high on the list due to its excessive durability and damage potential. Virtually unbreakable, this is truly the best chair on the market when it comes to shattering windows, smacking your friends, and making irritating screeching sounds.

  1. Electric Chair

Probably the most exciting chair on this list, the electric chair is undeniably the optimal chair when it comes to providing a once in a lifetime experience. I know that when I am sitting for an extended duration I often get jittery. However, this is never a problem with the electric chair, as it comes with convenient straps to restrict the movement of my appendages. While it does lose some points for its potential lethality, the electric chair is truly a chair you have to try for yourself to understand.

  1. Painted Wooden Chair

While I know the wooden chair is already on this list, I would feel wrong if I did not give the painted wooden chair its own spot on the list. While the former does come in a delightful variety of browns, the paint on the latter unlocks an even more unimaginably vast array of colors, including even chartreuse!!! Additionally, if you ever get hungry while sitting, you can simply peel off a flake of paint, which can make a tasty snack.

  1. SpongeBob Chair

While all chairs are very nice, SpongeBob chair is by far the nicest. Not only is it supremely comfortable, but it is one of the few ways available for us to tap into the almighty and loving presence of SpongeBob. Sitting in this chair, you will feel as if you yourself are truly under the sea, and you will feel as if nothing in the world can hurt you as you recline between the warm and tender arms of the yellow porifera. Sitting on SpongeBob chair changed my life, and I guarantee it will change yours as well.


While remote learning can be difficult for many, a nice chair can help make it easier, and whether you need a little jolt to help you start your day, or a lovable cartoon character to hold you in his arms, one of these chairs is sure to be right for you. While I am partial to SpongeBob chair, all of these are worth a try.