Senior Season

Julia Medina

Five, four, three, two, … yes Senior Class of 2020, our year has finally arrived! We are all celebrating the holiday festivities, but at midnight on December 31, we enter into the year we worked together to finally cross that finish line, our graduation day! We are the Dolphin family.  As we cross into the new year, we have to hold on tight to the many years we spent together, the great education from the best educators, the Champions of Champions, and the many bonds we will take with us forever. And that in this season is the greatest gift of all! Enjoy your holidays. We are crossing the finish line into our year-The best class of Whitney Young, The Class of 2020!


We the class of 2020, many Akies and the majority have shared the four to six years in one of the most prestigious public schools on the planet. The laughter, the major events, performances, sports, and our day together will be forever a part of our lives. Yet we are getting closer to that day we all anticipate. Orange and Blue tassels. Families and friends will be there to honor us. Because we made it. It is our year.

Richmond Standard