The Beauty of Irons

Jimi Taiwo, Editor

A clothes iron is a magnificent tool that is not appreciated enough for its utility. They are fantastic for keeping those thought-out fits looking clean and sharp. “I don’t know what I would do without my trusty iron,” declared Noah Summerlad, ‘20.


Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn to get ready for school after picking out an A1 outfit for spirit day the night before. Everything is fine and dandy until you notice not just one or two but a cascade of wrinkles on that brand new senior jersey you just bought. At that moment everything seems to fall apart, the world feels like it might just end. But, luckily there is an iron in the house to fix your problem and demolish those pesky wrinkles ASAP. The crisis is averted and the world returns back to normal. 

A contender for best-dressed sophomore, Jack Fleck ‘22, shares his secret with Beacon correspondents on how he stays fresh at any given moment. He states, “I always keep an iron and ironing board in my locker at all times. You never know when a wrinkle might sneak up on you.” 


Fit connoisseur, Ellison Richardson, ‘21, remarks that “irons are a daily necessity for me that help to elevate my style. Without them, I would look like a bum all the time.”


Conquering an army of creases that conspire to ruin the best of one’s clothes creates a satisfying feeling that is unmatched and keeps the world from collapsing into a deep dark mess of unkempt fits.