Whitney Young Students’ School Spirit

Donovan Michel, Student

As spirit week and homecoming pass, an idea present in the minds of many students is their school spirit. Some students are fully engaged in the whole of spirit week, dressing for each day with vigor, while on the other end of the spectrum some, to Dr. Kenner’s chagrin, will not be seen with any blue or orange in their attire on spirit day, dressing independently on twin day, wearing no pajamas, no matching outfits, and no class colors. Many students were seen passionately encouraging their team or dancing in formal dress, while another large group enjoyed a weekend isolated from school activities, some, perhaps, never leaving their homes. Looking around a classroom on spirit day, only two students were without blue or orange shirts, and a large percentage of the student base went to the homecoming game, the dance, or both. 

How, though, does this compare to other high schools around the city? Indisputably, no other Chicago Public School has a principal with the school spirit of Whitney Young’s, but what about the students? A source at rival Lane Tech High School claims that “it depends on the person,” but that their students have “kind of a lot” of school spirit. Conversely, Whitney’s students appear far more confident in their own school spirit. Even the nature in which Lane students describe their spirit, it seems that they are nowhere near as proud of their school as Whitney’s students are.