Turkey Day

Gabriel Regalado

As Picasso signed his name, he didn’t realize his masterpiece would influence aspiring artists for centuries to come. He titled his piece “Phalanges Meleagris” or as we know it today, the “hand turkey”. The hand turkey is a piece of art collectors drool over. After years of overhearing people say, “Wow look at those hand turkeys. I sure wish I had the artistic excellence to create my own.” well people, I’m here to tell you that in just a few simple steps you yourself can be the artist behind such a magical piece. Pick a day that you feel particularly artistic and abide by these detailed instructions and you will be on your way to creating some gorgeous hand turkeys.
First, ladies and gentleman, you must gather your supplies. Find a clean, but not too clean, white piece of paper. Next, scavenge your house for some crayons. Don’t waste your time with the basic “8 color” pack. Take yourself to Office Depot and impress your family and friends with the 64 count box with the sharpener in back.
This next step is where most people get lost. Place your nondominant hand upon the blank sleight of paper. Now, with your dominant hand, grab a crayon (black is suggested) and begin to outline the hand on the paper, starting on one end of your wrist and finishing on the other. As you raise your hand from the paper you might notice that the outline of your hand resembles a turkey. Crazy right!
Now that you have the outline of your “turkey” you begin to color in this beautiful creature. The outline of your thumb will be the head of the turkey. Color in some eyes, maybe a gizzard if you’re feeling artistic, then make your way to the body. The body is typically brown, but there have been sightings of green, blue, and even transparent turkeys, according to Turkey Weekly. Feel free to color your turkey accordingly. The fingers, however, are representative of the turkey’s tail. The tail can be colored whatever color you like.
Once your coloring is complete you will notice you have a beautiful turkey on your paper. At this point you should color in the background. Add some grass or even some more turkeys.
Hang your turkeys all around your house or try to sell them to homes without hand turkeys. Happy holidays!