Guys and Dolls Dance Show Review


David Bradford, Writer

The Whitney Young Guys and Dolls Dance Company had their annual winter dance show, “Up Close and Personal” this Friday, January 25th and Saturday, January 26th. Comprised of 14 performances, the show ran for about an hour and a half. Consisting of majority student-choreographed pieces, the Whitney Young community had the opportunity to witness the creative genius of some of the best dancers in the school. Student choreographers included Kristin Reid, Lauren Radomski, Corinne Salter, Nyla David, Isa Sanchez, Julia Rademacher-Wedd, Kyla Hubbard, Ania Szydlowski, Jacqueline Burrier, and Bella Muscarello.

The performances put on by each of the dancers touched the audience members on a person level. One of my favorite pieces was “Falling,” a solo piece choreographed by Kristin Reid and Amari Frazier and performed by Kristin. The piece showcased Kristin’s apparent years of dedication and hard work in studying dance. The impressive performance showed why Kristin is remarked as a leader in both the local academic and dance communities. Rebecca Reid, ‘19, states, “The facial expressions of the dancers, especially during Bella Muscarello’s piece, were absolutely phenomenal. The audience was truly able to feel the emotions that these dancers were attempting to convey.” Faith Adekeye, ‘19, claims, “Average performance? They don’t know her!” No matter who you ask, there is no denying that no matter how high you set the bar, the Guys and Dolls surpass it every time.

The audience had a chance to vote for the top 2 student-choreographed pieces to be included in the spring dance show (and congratulations to Bella Muscarello and Jacqueline Burrier for winning)! Make sure to catch them in the show this upcoming May!