Hailey Baldwin officially Hailey Bieber

Aylin Ortega, Writer

We first heard news about the couple when Bieber himself wrote a lengthy paragraph gushing over his crush, Hailey Baldwin. Just recently, we saw Baldwin change her instagram handle to ‘@haileybieber.’ All around the world, tears of teenage girls where heard streaming down their faces in response to the news. Honestly, I’m happy for the couple, as it has been a bumpy love life for Bieber, after the big break-up with his ex Selena Gomez, he seemed to embark  on a long journey of self-love. Now, he seems happier than ever.

The two announced their engagement around the same time Ariana Grande and, her now ex-fiance, Pete Davidson announced theirs. So, of course there was a debate going around twitter in response: Are they too young? Justin Bieber is 24 and Hailey Bieber is 22. Two consenting adults, happy and in love. I personally do not see any problem, and it sucks they receive so much flack about it. I decided to ask around Whitney Young to see if my peers agree. Zyana Cabrera, ‘19, says, “I think if they are happy, even if it were to be short lived, there is nothing wrong with it.” Ricky Roman, ‘19, on the other hands, disagrees. “I just think they’re too young to even enjoy life if they get married so young.” Whether or not you agree, you have to admit, they do seem happy.