Bad Chicago Weather

Rasul Rahman, Writer

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Chicago, a place of innovation excitement, and terrible, terrible weather. I can’t tell you how many winters I regretted staying here.

   Over the past few years Chicago has consistently gotten cold weather in winter, but hey, what can you say were in the midwest. Just this year the midwest has entered one of the coldest arctic outbreaks in at least two decades. Wind chills values will fall into the 30s, 40s and 50s below zero. By midweek it’s going to become minus teens and minus 20s in Des Moines, Iowa, Chicago and Milwaukee.

Asking my fellow winter enthusiast classmate Ayanna Woodfolk about this specific winter season, she said, “I always love winter, the cold and its perfect when it’s around Christmas time, but yeah it’s a little too frosty for my taste.” That’s not all, with the plummeting degrees, on top of that there is a snow build up as well. Chicago’s last plunge into – 20 degrees was on Jan. 18, 1994. It’s very rare for something like this to occur but does it have something to do with climate change? I asked Joshua Bobbit his take on the validity of climate change being the case, “ I assume that climate change has some type of responsibility for this wild weather, but I hope mother nature fixes things around here, hahah!” I hope mother nature make a major comeback in spring too Bobbit.

With this onslaught of terrible weather and finals week coming up what are we to do? Hope school is canceled? Prepare for the worst and bundle up? What if it gets lower than -20 degrees? A fellow classmate, Kamari Baker had and idea, “ CPS better not play around, because it’s life or death out here! They better close school cuz it’s way too cold to be going to Whitney Young let alone from the blue line!” I hear you sister, I can’t deal with this coldness in chicago, and I hope CPS evaluates the situation appropriately. The idea of negative degrees is frightening and I hope spring is right around the corner to hit us with a burst of sunshine.