October Kpop Comebacks

Although September was a great month for Kpop, many are already looking forward to the October comeback schedule. A variety of groups are preparing to make some noise with new releases in the upcoming weeks; here are some names you should definitely keep an ear out for!


Rising Pledis Entertainment stars NU’EST’s first subunit known as NU’EST W will be coming back October 10th, 2017. Although new fans and veteran fans are saddened by the fact that the full group will not be together until December of next year, due to one member’s participation in Wanna One, this is definitely not a release anyone should miss!


JYP Entertainment. boyband will continue their monthly releases, known as Every Day6, where they release a song, you guessed it, on the 6th of every month. You can check out their other releases from the beginning of the year till now on YouTube with a variety of languages subtitles.


Formerly known as BEAST, the reborn Kpop legends will be promoting with their own company label under the name of Highlight. If you missed their first release as Highlight, you can check out their mini album on YouTube and Spotify. The new release is estimated to be released the 16th.


LEGO’s and multi fandom Kpop enthusiasts are looking forward to these queens return to the stage. With their last comeback, Night Rather Than Day, having been missing a member, this full group comeback is highly anticipated. With their reputation for releasing catchy bops, their unrevealed comeback date is leaving many at the edge of their seats.

“Some groups just like to drop content, too,” Lily Everett ‘18, an excited fan, reminds us. Although these are not the only groups that have announced their comeback dates, you can make sure to keep yourself updated by following our twitter @WYBeacon for updates on more Kpop related articles!

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October Kpop Comebacks