Class of 2014 gives advice for incoming seniors

Zoe Davis

“Don’t stress yourself, you’ve been working hard enough to get to this point” “If you work on essays at least 15-20 minutes a day, you’ll be done by mid October.” —Devante Morgan

“Work hard now, play hard later. Keep your head in the game until you walk across that stage and get that diploma.” –-Daisy Calderon

“To seniors: Beware “senioritis” it’s so real. You are almost done, finish strong!” –Sterling Harris

“My advice to the new class of seniors would be to not procrastinate! I know you’ve heard it plenty of times but since it’s senior year you’ll feel more relaxed and tend to put important things on the back burner. I would also suggest that you start your college process NOW and begin to ask teachers for recommendations and start looking into potential colleges that interest you.” —Torrian Akins

“There are so many interesting students at WY, so reach out to people beyond your friend group.” —Elena Caminer

“Go into school with an open mind. It’s a really big change and you might not be used to the same atmosphere or area so try to stay as positive and open to that change as possible. And sleep whenever you can…seriously.” —Ruby Keutzer

“Time management and balance; master the two! I believe you NEED to party and chill just as much as you NEED to work. Don’t waste away your senior year constantly buried in books, but at the same time don’t waste away the year kicking it all the time. Find a balance that works for you.” —Taylor Nicholes

“Continue to make close friends, you’ll miss them once you graduate.”–Mardi Caminer

“Don’t be afraid to venture out. You don’t have to apply to all of the schools your friends are applying to just because you’ll have a sense of familiarity. College is about meeting new people and exploring new places.” —Kennia Garcia

“PARTICIPATE!!! All school activities!” —Rebecca Gaeta