Club Spotlight: Badminton Club


Sydney Baer, Forrest Haydon, Shayla Isada, David Rivera, and Nathan Wong

Whitney Young held the annual Club Fair on September 28, 2016, where students could learn more about different clubs they could participate in.  For those who could not find a club, the Beacon encourages students to check out Badminton Club.  This organization meets in Gym C every Friday immediately after 8th period until 4:30 P.M.  where students can enjoy a time of leisurely playing a easy to learn game. Badminton Club is a place where students get together and create new bonds through playing the sport.  It doesn’t matter if you are a seventh grader, or a senior, anyone who is available Friday after school can join.    The Beacon went around WY asking people why they wanted to join Badminton Club and here are some of the responses:

Aaron Wong ‘21 participated in Badminton Club last year and said, “Badminton is a great form of exercise and a place where I can work on my teamwork skills.”  

Steven Moy ‘20 says, “I want to join Badminton Club because I want to improve my skills in the area. Also, I want to meet people that share common interests with me and that I can talk to in or out of school. Lastly, I would like to join because I feel like the people that greeted me were very friendly and welcoming.”  

Sydney Chin ‘19 says that she wants to join badminton because “[badminton] is a fun sport to play with friends. It is a great form of exercise.”  

Ted Amadi ‘17 said, “I used to play badminton in my freshman and junior years and I had always found the sport very fun. I hope to get better at the sport and continue to have fun.”

If you can relate to any of these people, you should consider joining Badminton where you can meet some new friends and where you can learn to appreciate the beauty of the sport.  WY students are lucky to have an opportunity to play badminton after school as not many Chicago Public Schools offer a Badminton Club.  Every week is a chance for participants to improve their skills and meet new people.