Is Quizlet Helpful?


Seven, Writer

Being a student in 2021 means you need to use resources online to supplement classes. For just about every one of my classes, we have used different educational websites in order to make up for and supplement the learning activities we would be doing in person. A common website used by teachers and students is Quizlet.

Quizlet is a website used to study just about anything, with the most common subjects being Foreign Language, English Vocabulary, History, and “Professional Subjects,” according to the 2019 Impact Report. Flashcards and minigames are used to help memorize terms and concepts in a given topic. It’s helped 50 million active monthly users across 130 countries.

Personally, I feel that Quizlet is helpful because of the different options it has to familiarize yourself with terms that you need to study. I like sites that make a game out of studying because it keeps my attention better. I’m not the only one who thinks so, either. Deen Chaudri ’22 says, “I like the ability to do more on Quizlet than just use flashcards.” He thinks the other games also help him study more easily than just quizzing himself with flash cards. Quizlet is helpful not only for highschool students, but college students, too. Alyssa Sierra, UIC ’23 explains, “Quizlet, ’til this day, still helps me go over vocabulary words in Spanish for my Spanish classes.”

Even teachers find it helpful for reviewing materials. In many of my classes, especially science classes, teachers have assigned us units in Quizlet to study. One of those teachers was Mrs. Clark, who teaches Chemistry and Biotech. When asked about what features are most useful, she answered, “Quizlet Live! This gives students a chance to practice their content knowledge in a fun way with other students. I always enjoy seeing students change groups and compete in class.” Quizlet Live is a collaborative classroom game where students are assigned to teams of people and have to cooperate to answer questions. It tests everyone’s knowledge and helps to build communication skills.

Like most things, there is at least one downside to Quizlet. While being such a convenient tool to use for study, it is also an easy way to cheat. As Sierra points out, It makes it easy for students to cheat since sometimes teachers pull their lessons from Quizlet.” While I agree that this is true, I also feel like the good outweighs the bad, since it has helped me remember concepts way more than it has allowed me to cheat. 

Students in 2021, and beyond, will have many online study and educational tools available to them. These tools, such as Quizlet, have become especially important as students and teachers have had to adapt to remote learning. I don’t see them going away anytime soon, as we are now very familiar with them and have found that they can be extremely useful.