Transit Warning for CPS Students Thursday through Sunday in Wake of the NBA All-Star Game

Manuel Abril, Student

Transit Warning for CPS Students Thursday through Sunday in Wake of the NBA All-Star Game

The United Center, home stadium of both the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago Blackhawks, on 1901 W.    Madison St, will be hosting the annual NBA All-Star game Friday through Sunday, February 13th    through February 15th. Players and fans from across the country will be arriving into the city, and public  transportation is expected to be congested for the duration of the event.

Students who ride the train and bus should be careful and alert on Thursday, when the lion’s share of out of town fans will be just arriving in Chicago, and on Friday, when the CTA will be crowded with fans trying to get to the United Center early for the rookie game. Local Blue Line passengers should take special consideration for their safety and ease of travel, as the Blue Line is directly connected to O’Hare airport, where potentially thousands of visitors will be exiting terminals and taking the Blue Line to their destination, from the early morning to the late night.

For our juniors and seniors who drive to school, be considerate of these circumstances. Think of leaving for school early in the morning, to beat the worst of the traffic caused by drive-in tourists and your fellow Chicagoans ferrying their visiting families to the city’s landmarks. Make sure to pay extra attention to the road, and don’t take any risks as you navigate congested highways and main streets, especially while downtown. Take notice of the license plates around you, as out-of-state drivers will not have the same experience with navigating the city as you do. This goes for teachers as well. Please stay safe on the road, to arrive, and leave, school safe and secure.

If you do not have your own car, consider asking for a ride from a friend or family member. You will arrive home much quicker in a personal vehicle instead of a CTA train or bus. For those who decided to take this option, like myself, remember that this week we have a Third Thursday, and that students will be ejected from the premises by faculty five minutes after the final bell. You can still wait for your friend or family member to pick you up in front of the school. 

Due to Whitney Young’s proximity to the United Center, these warnings are especially relevant. If you have the good fortune to have a ticket to the All-Star game, take precautions as you make your way to the stadium on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Stay out of trouble, and put on your friendliest face for the fresh influx of tourists. Make sure to alter your personal plans in light of the shifting situation.

Most importantly of all, enjoy the game, and have a wonderful weekend