Former WY Swim Coach Involved in Scandal

Mae Jiang, Editor

Andy Parro was a former swim coach and security guard at Whitney Young. He resigned in 2019 because he could not keep up with the heavy time commitment that coaching requires. Now, he is a coach at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Recently, it has come to light that Parro pocketed money for renting out the Whitney Young pool. This story has been reported on by the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, WGN, and several other news outlets.


According to these sources, Parro allegedly pocketed nearly $30000 in side deals between 2013 and 2016. Parro was charged a nominal fee of only $1.20 to rent out the pool for his own swim club. He has been charged with four felony counts of theft, a felony count of official misconduct, and has been placed on CPS’ do-not-hire list.


Dr. Kenner denied having knowledge of this situation, but she was suspended for five days without pay, which she served in April 2019. However, the Officer of the Inspector General concluded that she was likely complicit or turned a blind eye.


“This entire situation was so shocking. It’s crazy that Andy might go to jail,” states Lina Klak, ‘20, who was coached by Parro her sophomore year.


“I had no idea he was taking money from the school. I wonder what will happen to Dr. Kenner,” says Larissa Gosslau, ‘21, a member of the girls diving team.


“I feel like Dr. Kenner must have known about the situation,” states Olivia Bruursema, ‘21, who has been on the team since her freshman year.


There have been no official updates on what punishment Parro or Dr. Kenner will receive, but CPS claims they will continue working on the case to ensure all employees and operations are held to the highest standards of integrity.

Parro (center) with the WY Girls Swim Team