Iran Announces Arrests due to Plane Crash that Killed 176 People

Alexandra Steadman

On Tuesday, Iran’s judiciary announced that the arrests have been made over the accidental shoot down of a Ukrainian passenger plane that killed all 176 people on board just after takeoff from the capital of Iran, Tehran, last week. The announcement came due to the anger and protests by Iranians in recent days over the plane crash and the apparent attempts of cover-up by the Iranian government. On Saturday after dismissing allegations, three days after the crash, the Iranian government released that its Revolutionary Guard had shot down the plane by mistake. Iran shot the plane down as its forces were on alert for possibly U.S. retaliations after the ballistic missiles Iran launched at two military bases housing U.S. troops. I asked Whitney Young studuents what their thoughts were about this topic. Drew Townsel ‘20 said, ”I think that it’s bogus that they killed innocent people, and they shouldn’t have to kill anyone no matter who they are. Just because someone is your president doesn’t mean that the Iranians have to respect his choices.” Sophie Huh ‘22 also said, “I think it’s bad and wasn’t thought through properly.” Additionally, Faith Lam ‘20 said, “I think they could’ve taken different measures to solve their tension with the U.S. instead of mindlessly firing at a plane.” We don’t know what the future holds with attacks between Iran and The U.S., but we’re hoping on a good and safe outcome.