Kenner enforces Ackie Speed Limit

Brandon Clincy, Editor

The days of being passed by speeding Ackies in the hallways are over. Dr. Kenner met with faculty after a slew of complaints from upperclassmen. “We literally have five whole minutes to get to class, there’s no reason to speed,” says Bryce Lusterio ‘19. This reporter spoke with some of the division teachers to get their input on the situation. “I’m scared to send my next division into the hallways next year, the hallways are too dangerous and the chances of a crash are way too high” says one division teacher who wishes to remain anonymous. “Just get out of the way,” suggests Lorenzo Bautista, who is a frackie (Former Ackie).


There is now a speed limit put in place which requires Ackies to walk no faster than four miles an hour.  Violators are subject to a $10 ticket and detention. Expect to see many detentions handed out to Ackies for speeding as traffic cameras (similar to the ones on the road) have been installed on the Arts Bridge, all four houses, and additional many hidden cameras  in the deep dark crevices of the maze. However, there are rumors that Dr. Kenner took payments under the table from the ℅ 2019 to get this change in policy. Eve Taylor (class president), refused to make any comment when asked about the rumors of the bribery.. Rebecca Reid (vice president), was escorted to her vehicle and had security attack the press.   The result of bribery or not, only time will tell if changing the policy was the right decision.