What’s Wrong With Remote Learning? (Written Sep. 17)

Many people think the current schedule for online school is very irritating. From dolphin days in the middle of the week with extra short classes that you can’t do much in, to a massive advisory period in which you’re supposed to stay in a call with your camera on, it’s got something for everyone to dislike. One issue is the midday advisory on dolphin days, when everyone already has an assigned lunch period, giving some students an hour and a half break from any work, just to get back into the grind of classwork for the not even 2 hours left in the day, making approximately 40% of the day free time, not accounting for Seminar periods that people may or may not have.

If advisory is meant for time to get out of a school-centered mindset, at least temporarily, to get food, then why are we supposed to stay in the call on days when the teacher does not have information to distribute, and why does that need to be spoken in a call rather than emailed? If the issue then is that people don’t check their school emails much, perhaps the volume of emails sent should be reevaluated. When one receives approximately an email an hour during their waking time, it might inspire the thought of de-cluttering the amount of information per email. The Whitney Young Weekly has a somewhat solid grasp on this, however most of its information, such as that of sports teams or other clubs achieving accolades, is not of any interest to the average student (not to say they are not of note). One solution that has been thought up is to condense emails a lot. Important business (college, attendance, grades, scheduling, etc) could be in one weekly email, and the less important things could get another. As necessary, teachers can email their students and urgent announcements can be made. however, reducing the volume of information that is superfluous to most students. If not everyone wants to receive all of these emails, perhaps there could be an opt-in or opt-out option, like there is on many mailing lists.

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What’s Wrong With Remote Learning? (Written Sep. 17)