Is college the only option?

College applications are being sent back and people are full of joy with hearing the colleges they got into. There are people who have been planning for college since freshman year, there are people who started last year and those who have decided not to go. I am one of those people. I have decided to take a year off and take some online courses in some of my personal interests. I did this so I could figure out what I truly want to do and to fully take time to decide if I ever want to go to college.

College is not the only option available and one that you can benefit from. Other options include, trade school, online classes, work, travel, internships and more. Elias Guzman ‘20 said, “I think that college is meant to help people find guidance but is by no means necessary. Some people already know what they want to achieve and know exactly how to achieve it and feel college won’t help them.”

A college degree is not an easy thing to achieve. It takes time, dedication, and persistence from the cost of school, its stress, and the workload. Andres Rios ‘21 said, “I can barely think about finishing junior year, let alone thinking about college.”

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To all those who are in school right now, do not feel pressured to be sure of what you want to do. Take your time to test some things out, think things through and decide what is not only beneficial for your life but will lead you to a successful and happy future. Daisy Guzman ‘20, “College is the preferred option for many people, but not for everyone.” College is not the only option, it is just one of many presented.


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Is college the only option?