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Funding the future arts

The start of the new roaring 20s is here. Along with it is a multitude of rising media, art and opportunities for creative people to thrive and grow. Apps like TikTok are allowing people of all ages to seemingly show off their artistic talents in many ways. This has lead people to become famous, gain support and help spread their work online to the mass. This new wave of art and media has been rising and funding for school art and city programs deserves a raise as well. “I think that everything should get the proper funding they need which doesn’t mean that everyone requires the same amount. After all, the school motto is where academic excellence is standard, so we should be able to do everything on top of that, including arts and sports” stated Raphael Maldanado, ‘21. and more students are taking up art classes and following their passion in art as they see others able to enjoy it and live off of it. Big schools such as my own still have some art teachers paying for their own supplies at times from their own pockets. Ms.Wax said,“I had to payout of my own pocket, the missing money from the art field trip.” I believe that we should help support and raise great awareness for the art programs worldwide due to the new changes in society’s appreciation and showing of art. To create art, we need supplies, without them, the art will remain in our head and never be placed out in the world for people to enjoy.

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Funding the future arts