DubTV To End with Season 6

Every student in 2nd period cried as Mr. Rehak announced the end of DubTV this past Monday. “Like all good things it must come to an end,” he said as a single tear fell down his cheek. One student rushed to hand him a tissue as he paced through the classroom. Then there was nothing left but a thick and melancholy silence.


After 6 long years of content, DubTV is coming to an end this June. The seniors that make up the casts, producers, directors, and videographers are all honored to be the last to star in and create this broadcast. Rick Bussey ‘19 remarked that he was “glad that the underclassmen wouldn’t have a chance to f**k up our show.” Many other seniors shared this sentiment, and just in case Mr. Rehak ever thinks to start up DubTV again, they are preparing an end of the year video so amazing that no one would ever dare to try and make new content.


While the true causes of the cancellation of DubTV are still unknown, many have begun to speculate. Jonah Slate ‘20 has posed the most popular theory to date, that the onslaught of choir ads has brought down viewership in recent months. However, some students are still clinging to fringe theories such as Phin Drummond ‘22 who maintains that “DubTV is ending because GartTV is on the rise.”


Regardless of who it stars or why it is going, DubTV will be sorely missed. Long divisions will feel empty without the intro to “Whose Shoes” playing from the room nextdoor. But we must prepare for the final sign off because it is sooner than we realize. “From room 129C, this was DubTV.”

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DubTV To End with Season 6