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Deadly Virus Outbreak in China

Sangolay Njie


Deadly Virus Outbreak in China


China is experiencing an outbreak of a dangerous virus that is claiming victims left and right. The deadly virus is being identified as a coronavirus, a species of virus that affects animals and people. It has been found not only in China but also South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan. Part of the reason why the virus is spreading so fast is because it is spread from human to human. This also means it is affecting the medical staffs helping with patients with the virus. Symptoms of the virus show itself like that of the flu, which could raise concerns for people with slight coughs and frequent fevers. In wake of it’s international transition, the Chinese government along with other countries, are closely monitoring and checking all passengers flying in and out of China. The virus has affected more than 300 people but has certainly progressing as time passes. Government officials are doing everything in their power to control this outbreak.





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Deadly Virus Outbreak in China