Best Ways to Memorize

by Casey Wangman


Need some help memorizing notes for your classes, math equations, or speeches? Here are 3 of the most effective ways to help you.


First, begin by writing down the information. Make sure you are using pen and paper and not typing it. Write it 5 times. 10 times. 20 times. Keeps rewriting until your hands are sore. Make sure to rest between and to repeat this step multiple times throughout the day (or multiple days!). 


The next day, repeat this step. Instead of using just a black or blue pen, use colored pens to separate different parts. If you are trying to memorize a speech, split the different sections and rewrite those in blue, pink, green colors (whatever helps you best). This helps your brain to sort out the information into somewhat of a mind map. 


Lastly, record yourself saying whatever you are trying to memorize. On your commute, in the halls, whenever you have free time, play this recording back to yourself. This helps it to become muscle memory. Bonus points if, while you’re listening, you write what you’re hearing down. 


Good luck!

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Best Ways to Memorize