Finals are Coming. Are You Prepared?


Phillip Denne, Writer

First Semester is almost over! Finals begin Tuesday, January 29, and many students–including me– were unprepared for the quick turnaround following the return from Winter Break only being on January 7. “I am not prepared for finals yet. I have major senioritis going on right now. It’s going to be a long weekend of studying and cramming,” states Senior Rilwan Shittu ‘19. “It’s bittersweet to think that these are my last sets of finals. Although finals week can be stressful, I have always enjoyed sleeping in when I had a later final that day or hanging out with friends afterwards,” Shittu also added. For a first-time Finals taker, Seventh grader Micah Askew ‘24 has no fear. “I’m very confident about Finals, I’m not worried about the tests I have to take,” Askew said. “I’ve always been good with tests,” Askew proclaimed.

Not every student has the roaring belief that Askew has, like Junior Yaritzel Carlos ‘20. “Finals have always worried me. Tests make me nervous. I haven’t been slacking off this semester, but now I feel like there’s just a lot of pressure that’s on my shoulder,” Carlos states. I’m sure there are many other students that feel like Carlos, but you all can do it!