Thank U, Next

Kayla Bilal

The song that swept the nation. Thank U, Next, a new song written by Ariana Grande, has been a smash hit ever since its release on November, 4th. The reason for its popularity? It all comes from the topic: her exes. She name drops almost every ex she’s had in the public eye including Big Sean, Ricky Alverez, Pete Davidson, and the late Mac Miller. Although, it seems like it would be a negative song, she turned it to be extremely positive. Instead of degrading and exploiting them, she instead talks about the lessons that they’ve taught her. Most have even said that this song is an anthem of empowerment and evolving as a person. Recently, the music video came out, making Youtube history and becoming one of the most popular videos ever overnight. What caused it’s overnight success is the references of some of this generation’s favorite movies like Mean Girls, Bring It On, and 13 Going on 30. People my age really loved it, especially at Whitney Young. Joselyn Chavez ‘19 says that, “It’s the best song I’ve heard this year.” In regards to the video, 2 freshmen Nandi Myhand ‘21 and Kayla Triplett ‘21 both had something to say. My hand ‘21 said that she loved, “the mixture of all of the movies because it makes the video so entertaining to watch.” Triplett ‘21 disagreed saying that it,“was lackluster at most.” Despite this point of view, mostly everyone have encountered have loved Ariana Grande’s new projects and can’t wait to see what she does next. `