Students Make Lunches for the Homeless

Beth Waller

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On Thursday, December 6th, Ms. Boyle’s Global Citizenship classes made lunch for the homeless. This was inspired by the classes current unit of focus, homelessness, specifically in Chicago. Previously, a Whitney Young mother, Ms. Cole, came to speak to the students about her place of work, Breakthrough Ministries , a non-profit organization providing services for the homeless. The week leading up to the 6th, they had been gathering donated apples, bread loafs, chips, cookies from parents and students of Whitney Young. They even received 500 hard-boiled eggs from Dutch Farms. The students also left positive notes in the brown bagged lunches. Their goal was to make 250 lunches for an organization that picked up the pre-made lunches and took them to various shelters. “The lunches were a big success, we had A LOT of leftovers because so many people brought food and we gave all the leftovers to the shelter along with the lunches,” says Grace Avery ‘19, Ms. Boyles’ Senior Experience teaching assistant. At the end of the day Ms. Boyle wrote to her students, “Thank you all so much for being so fantastic today! As I write this, our meals are being share at the Franciscan Homeless Shelter!” After such success, this will become an annual tradition. Help out next year by donating to this great cause!

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