How Much Do You Look at Your Phone?

Naiya Wax-Groot

Pictured: People falling oblivious off of a cliff while looking down at phones.

These days, as technology advances as quick as the speed of light, and new phones come out every few months, it’s hard to stay off the screens. Unless, of course, you really want to. Recently, a new feature has appeared on iPhones that tells how much time you spend on it. It is designed to help promote awareness of how each individual decides to allocate to their cell phone. “Screen Time” gives a breakdown of what apps you spend the most time on, and how much you increased your time spent on average or decreased it, compared to the week before. In a recent article by Drew Millard, “the majority of those hours — 3.3 per day — is spent on our phones, an all time high.” And we spend even more time just consuming general media, “nearly six hours per day.” This startling statistic prompted Whitney Young student, Jade Foreman ‘20, to add, “I think most people are on the screens because of work they have to do, music, media, and so much other stuff, the fast-paced society we are in makes it so we have to be engaged in the world of technology.” Even though we have somewhat of an obligation to be involved and plugged into the world around us, it’s healthy to disconnect sometimes. This new iPhone feature will hopefully help us to create balance between the screens and the natural world by being aware of how much we devote to the phones.