Kenner’s Korner Mysteriously Absent from Weekly

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Kenner’s Korner Mysteriously Absent from Weekly

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This Sunday, dedicated readers of the Whitney Young Weekly were dismayed to find that Kenner’s Korner was excluded from the latest edition of the school’s third most prestigious publication*, due to “a large number of emails”, according to Dr. Kenner.

These dedicated subscribers can be found in plenty in the halls of Chicago’s premier educational institution*, and they have watched the Weekly evolve with careful, critical eyes. The Weekly’s first issue was published in 2015, and Edward Yang ‘19 has seen it through its earliest days. He remarked that, to him, the Weekly is highly informative, and “represents the pinnacle of human ingenuity.” When asked about how the absence of Kenner’s Korner made him feel, he paused, and could only respond with one word. “Disappointed.” His friend, Barry Liu ‘19, added another word–“distraught”.

Jiajun Yan ‘21 belongs to a different generation of Whitney Young students, one that has never known the school without the Weekly. When asked what the Weekly meant to him he responded that it was “useful, sometimes”. But his nonchalance was reasonable, given how much he has taken the Weekly for granted. He admitted that he reads the Weekly far more often than other school correspondence, and Kit Ng ‘19 agreed with this sentiment. In fact, he recommended that the Weekly be published twice a week, for the pleasure of Whitney Young students everywhere!

It seems highly sensible, and likely, that the Weekly will take this direction. But it is as yet unknown how the Weekly plans to evolve into the publication we need so badly, so we await future editorial decisions with bated breath.


* Closely following the Whitney Young Beacon Website and the Whitney Young Beacon newspaper.

* According to many sources, such as Niche and US News.

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