New Mural at Ella’s Corner!


Inside Ella’s Corner: main wall mural. Photographed by Naiya Wax-Groot

Naiya Wax-Groot

Ella’s Corner is back and better than ever! After switching back from it’s former, an Indian food restaurant called Tikkawala, owner Darshan Desai decided a mural would be the perfect addition to refresh the atmosphere of the restaurant. After a couple weeks of discussion, a final sketch was determined, and on Thursday November 15 it was painted into reality. The main wall took me about 10 hours, I started with Ella Fitzgerald’s portrait on the far right side, the microphone, and then the flow of people. Darsh explains that “the people symbolize the music notes and sound from Ella’s singing.” The mural is representative of the welcoming, fresh atmosphere of the restaurant, and community of the west loop area. Catalina, who was a helpful part of the brainstorming process for the mural, said “when you are driving or walking by on the street, you can see Ella’s whole portrait through the window. Hopefully this will help draw in more people from the community.” They will soon be starting Whitney Young themed Wednesdays, and hope to continue gaining awareness among the high school students. Lulu Chebaro 20’ comments that “the mural is worth stopping by to see, it’s a really cool space to be in.” Make sure to check it out!