The Mystery of Whitney Young’s Arts Building Closure


Sahara Thomas

November 1st was a busy day for both students and teachers: Grades were due, it was the last day of the first quarter, early action or decision college applications were due for seniors and much more. Something unexpected also happened November 1st; the arts bridge closed down without warning. The constant intercom messages saying to leave as soon as possible left students with one main question: Why exactly was the arts building closing?


It was recently discovered by some students that Michelle Obama-the former First Lady of the United States and alumni of Whitney Young- visited the arts building after school. The whole meeting has been very hush-hush by administrative staff and teachers, which left many to believe why it was such a secretive thing. After all, it should be news that should be exciting to students! When asked about the ordeal, Nova Valenzuela ‘20 said,“It doesn’t make sense why it had to be so secret. After all, we do go to Whitney M. Young Magnet High School.” Nhi Doung ‘19, a choir member who was allowed to be in school after the final bell rang, remembers that “Ms. J told us to check the news that night, but when I did they was no news.” Aisha Aich ‘21 laughed when asked about the past Thursday, saying “The only annoying thing was how quickly they made us get out of school, but other than that, I thought it was cool Michelle Obama came back!”.

While students weren’t actually able to meet Michelle Obama, she was still in Chicago on the 13th promoting her new memoir. Or who knows- maybe she’ll come back to school when we’re in class!