Join Operation Smile Club!


Cesar Segura

Co-founders of the Operation Smile club, Rosaura Delgado ‘19 (left) and Angie Lopez ‘19 (right).


Wouldn’t you love the opportunity to put a smile on a child’s face? Maybe you’re looking for an eye-catching club for your resumé? The Operation Smile club is the perfect club for you!

Co-founders Angie Lopez ‘19 and Rosaura Delgado ‘19 founded the Operation Smile club at Whitney Young during their junior year, the 2017-2018 school year. When asked about the origins of the club, Angie commented by saying, “My brother was born with a cleft palate and we were fortunate to have enough resources to deal with medical costs. However, I saw family friends struggle to provide the same for their children. That’s why it felt so fulfilling to start the Operation Smile club, to dedicate my passion towards giving back to a community.”

The purpose of the club is to help provide children with smiles all around the world. To further explain, Rosaura says, “We fund-raise money to provide children in developing countries with cleft surgeries that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.”

Rosaura continues to promote the club by explaining the impact it had on her. “I definitely recommend everyone to sign up! Not only does it look great for applications, but it has been personally rewarding to know that I had a hand in improving someone else’s life.”

The Operation Smile club met for the first time this year on Tuesday, October 16 in room 341, but holds monthly meeting to make sure its members are up-to-date. I promise the club will bring a big smile to your face, and I hope to see you there too!

Contact Operation Smile club at [email protected].

Article written by Cesar Segura