Middleton, Wisconsin Office Shooting


Cesar Segura

MIDDLETON, Wi. — According to a CBS news report, on Wednesday morning of September 19, 2018, a gunman opened fire at an office building in a small suburb of Wisconsin.

The shooter Anthony Tong was fatally shot by the police, but only after injuring 3 co-workers in the process.

Business analyst Judy Lahmers of WTS Paradigm, the software company where the shooting occurred, said the situation was “totally unexpected. We’re all software people. We have a good group.”

The U.S. is no stranger to such crises. As students in America who face an overwhelming fear of being the next victims, a few Whitney Young teens had something to say about the lack of prevention that seems all too common.

Sandy Mizhquiri ‘19 believes the issue with these situations is a matter of mental health. She went on to say, “…a trend that we see with these shooters is that they’re depressed, or being bullied, or something is happening their outside life that, if addressed, likely could have prevented these shootings.”

Sarah Chavez, ‘20, also voiced her concern about how these shootings seem to be less and less concerning to people. She says, “it’s very upsetting that these shootings are very normalized in the media and a lot of them go unnoticed by the general population.”

Do you agree that shootings are preventable? Are they driven by a lack of gun care and gun control in America, or are they the effect of a deep and worrying mental health state? Is the matter too complex to blame one variable? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Article written by Cesar Segura