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Student Spolight

Brandon Clincy, Editor

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Student Spotlight

Noah “Django” Williams

Brandon Clincy


Whitney Young is home to many different characters and personalities. With thousands of students roaming the hallways you may find yourself seeing a new face everyday. However, some students seem to stick out more than others. With that being said, not everybody will get the recognition they deserve. In order to combat this, Student Spotlight, was created. This series will highlight some Dolphins in hopes that you, the reader, will learn a new face and perhaps make a new friend. Many students stick to their small friend circles that was formed during their freshman year of high school. To stop the student population from becoming more distant than it already is, try to meet some of the students featured on these articles.


This time around I caught up with one of the most extravagant students to grace the hallways. Noah Williams ‘20, can be seen hitting splits on command, or screaming the loudest at club fair. Most students will recognize his face as he is the recurring character in a series of the silliest moments in WY’s history. Usually rocking bright Adidas jumpsuits, you might  find him roaming the hallways in between passing periods, or providing daily comedic relief to those in need of a laugh. “I see that guy all the time, I don’t really know him. However, he always puts a smile on my face with his actions,” says Bryce Lusterio ‘19. In order to get a better look at this Legend, he answered a couple of questions and provided some insight on the culture at WY. He participated in this short Q&A on short notice and was asked to provide his honest opinion on matters as well as some backstory to how he became the wonderful person he is today.


Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

A: Most people don’t know I spend the majority of my time with either my dog or my dad (outside of school and skatepark). Pretty lonely I guess.


Q:Many students may describe you as brave and bold. How Did you manage to build your confidence so high?

A: The pressure of cringe the I’ve experienced is equivalent to a neutron star. Being bold with those experiences really helped me and gave me immunity from the negative consequences of the stunts I pull along with perpetual ego boosts through films and retro music.


Q: You have one of the most unique styles the school has seen. Do you have any tips for those who may want to pull off some of the fits you have previously?

A:Who are you going to the store with? Are your parents buying your clothes without you knowing? You buy casual, you’re gonna feel casual. You buy hype, you’re gonna feel hype. The consistency comes with the brand, don’t wear multiple large combating brands in the same outfit. Pay attention to vintage media, see how their colors intercourse, like puzzle pieces. When you’re thinking clothes, think positive, visualize vibrant combos. Holes and rips will make you look like a drug addict, however, if that’s what makes you happy, then go for it. Wear clothes that you wanna pose and dance in. Look like a flower field during a summer day. If you’re gonna wear solid colors, do solid vibrant. Embrace the clothes you wearing, even if they aren’t expensive or popular.


Q: Finally, Is there anybody you believe is deserving of a Student Spotlight?

A: This may sound corny but I think that everybody is deserving or the student spotlight, I noticed that a lot of students that seem like they connect to each other, actually don’t. Either they stay secluded to a group or distance themselves over petty things. Everyone has their quirk. They can seem similar on the surface but they might be guarding some next level intel. I notice a lot of these kids’ specialities. It’s just about getting the universal perspective. If they really uncover themselves, whatever grueling or pleasant method that maybe, then all of them can hopefully outshine my *redacted*. I can’t really give general advice  so talk to me in person if your readers need me. Also, thank you all for dealing with my screeches and antics

I would personally like to thank Noah for participating in the first edition of this series. If you believe there is anybody that is deserving of a student spotlight send information to my email: [email protected]. Provide a brief explanation on why you think this person needs to be highlighted and they may be chosen for the next edition. With that being said, every person deserves to be highlighted so don’t be afraid to nominate yourself or your friends. Be on the  lookout for new additions to the Spotlight on the Beacon!

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