Is Senioritis Real?

Carla Gonzalez

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Feeling constantly tired? Are you struggling to finish one paragraph, or even one problem? If this describes you, you’re probably a senior. With a new wave of seniors at Whitney Young comes the common disease known as senioritis.  It is what teachers call the lack of motivation that seniors show to finish the year.  It is what they blame when they see the seniors sleeping in class day after day. The only cure for such a disease is graduation.

Some seniors have made some bold claims about their condition. “I’ve had senioritis since freshman year,” said Jada Sardin ‘19. At times, even the seniors themselves aren’t aware of their own condition, seeing as it creeps up on them so fast and unexpectedly. “It’s been happening. Yeah that’s right, I see you. You can’t run from it. It’ll find you.  Senioritis, man. It be like that sometimes,” stated Alondra Velazquez ‘19.

Is senioritis real, though? Do seniors really no longer care about anything, or have they cared for too long already? Are the long nights of homework finally catching up with them,too? Maybe. The word “homework” has changed its meaning to work being done at home to work that can be done the period before.  Procrastination is at an all time high.

Even students in lower grades claim to be affected by it, especially juniors, who claim to have “junioritis.” However, some believe that this level of procrastination should just be associated with the students who are about to graduate. “I think Senioritis should be only for seniors,” said Mr.Hart, a Whitney Young math teacher.

If senioritis is indeed real, we should find a cure as soon as possible….or tomorrow…or next week..yeah, maybe next week.

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