Vic Mensa vs. XXXTentacion


Kayla Bilal, Editor

XXXTentacion was a rapper known for hit songs like SAD! And Moonlight but, he was also known for domestic abuse and homophobia. Sadly, he passed away June 18, 2018, but people still have mixed feelings about the artist. Vic Mensa has been the most vocal, even stating his feelings through a cypher on BET. During the cypher, he supposedly targeted Tentacion saying that, the, “only time you bear arms is in a wife-beater, loser/Your favorite rapper’s a domestic abuser”. Many fans were up in arms as the late rapper’s mother was in the audience.

Fans felt that Mensa was being utterly disrespectful as he had no right to publicly shame Tentacion after he had passed away. Drew Townsel ‘20 stated that, “what Vic Mensa did was an atrocity. I do not respect him.” Drew was so adamantly against everything Mensa stands for and has vowed not to listen to him anymore. On the other hand, many people support Vic’s standpoint on the topic due to the terrible things that XXXTentacion has done to others. Nyah Washington ‘19 believes that, “XXXTentacion is an abuser of women and gay people. Death doesn’t cancel his actions.” Nyah believes that regardless of his death, he was still a person that hurt women, so people should stand against. Along with that, many fans are on the fence on where they stand with the situation Nandi Myhand ‘21 says that, “it was impolite for Vic Mensa to disrespect XXXTentacion as his mother was in the audience but, he also has done terrible things in the past. I’m not really sure how to feel about it” In an era of “cancel culture”, it’s difficult to decide whose side you’re gonna be on as a supporter. Vic Mensa or XXXTentacion, whose side are you on?