How to Succeed Senior Year

Skylar Mooyoung, Writer

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As we return to school and get in the groove of things, many of us are overwhelmed from the start. The return of test, quizzes, nightly homework, readings and essays can be quite the adjustment and tiring. On top of these already grueling assignments, the senior class must also worry about standardized testing, scholarships and applying to college. Alicia Bridges ‘19 says, “Senior year has proven itself to be really stressful thus far.” These just name a few of the things seniors have to accomplish along with a list of things they aren’t even aware they have to do. This can be a confusing, stressful time but I am here to share advice I’ve gained from many alumni of Whitney Young and beyond. I’m going to get straight into the tips and tricks.


  1. Be proactive and use your time wisely. Many of us feel overwhelmed with the amount of work we have to do under tight time constraints but if we utilize our time we can be successful. Using your instructional periods and free time are great ways to combat your workload and get it done efficiently. Once you finish your homework, use any additional free time to study for the SAT, write your personal statement or complete filling out The Common Application. When you prioritize and use your time wisely you’ll be much less stressed. Kayla Bilal ‘19 says, “During my instructional period, I work diligently to get ahead on my college work.”
  2. Be organized. It’s very easy to become stressed by everything you have to do if you are unorganized. I suggest utilizing a planner, calendar or reminders on your phone to keep you on track. Always mark down due dates, deadlines and other important dates to make sure you remember when things are due. Also, taking note of your daily tasks will help you be much more proactive in accomplishing your goals. Write down your homework and be sure to carve out time for essay writing and completing college applications. Organization is the key to a more relaxed life.
  3. Utilize Your Resources. As students of Whitney Young, we have so many known and unknown resources at our fingertips. Go to the Math Center/Writing Center or NHS Tutoring to help you with your assignments and homework. Ask Ms. Pasulka to read over your personal statement before submitting your application. Talk to your counselor about the college process and ask any questions you may have. Request letters of recommendation from your teachers that you truly admire. Nyah Washington ‘19 said, “I requested my letters of recommendation early to ensure I give my recommenders have ample time to complete them.” Additionally, utilize the support and guidance of your fellow classmates. We’re all doing the same thing together and we’re all here to help. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s not the end. We’re going to succeed together.

Those are my top three tips for demolishing your goals this senior year. It’s all about planning and being proactive with your time. Once we start seeing all the resources we have and how we can help one another the process will become much less stressful.

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How to Succeed Senior Year