Nutritional and Mental Health

Nyla David

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   Don’t we all love that crispy 3 piece wing with a biscuit, red beans & rice, & generous drink from Popeyes? I know I do. But, if we want to live a healthier life mentally and physically, we have to start straying away from the tasty treats and fatty foods with no nutritional value. “You can function more efficiently through the day if you eat things that are truly nutritious and not processed,” explains Conrad Echols ‘19. The saying “you are what you eat” is actually true; the foods you consume determine how well your body and mind function on a daily basis.

   Let’s consider all sugary drinks and drinks with high concentrations of caffeine. Caffeine should be avoided at high levels due to its addictive nature, as well as its ability to stunt growth in adolescents. Many high school students use caffeine to cope with waking up early, as well as keeping them alert throughout the school day. “I drink coffee every morning. I have to have my coffee.” admits Mrs. Gordon. Many are unaware of the long term damage of a medium caramel iced coffee to not only the body, but also the brain. The body and brain begin to create a tolerance towards these caffeinated products which then can have heartbreaking effects if ever faced with withdrawal. “As soon as I stopped drinking the coffee daily, I felt as if I couldn’t function,” says Emma Sack ‘20. The key to a healthy life is starting healthy habits early on. Make the conscious decision to want to do better, be better, and live better.


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