Is it the End or the Beginning for the WY Football Team

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Is it the End or the Beginning for the WY Football Team

Rasul Rahman, Writer

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Whitney M. Young competes in a variety of sports. From basketball to swimming and everything in between. Being the great school that it is, Whitney Young competes at a high level at all sports. The girls volleyball team has won state, the track team has gone to state a multitude of times and  won as well. Even the boys varsity basketball team won state. So there’s no shortage of superb athletes that walk in the halls of Whitney Young. Now, our Whitney Young’s football team has won the City’s Madison conference. Yes!!

Whitney Young lost their football team the previous year due to too many loses and not enough players. Even though Coach Frankin retired that year, like dolphins, the team bounced back and rose to the surface again. This year we have new coaches and a brand new, Dolphin team. A senior, Akil Mitchell, who’s been on the team since freshman year said, “ We will be great this year, just watch.” And with that statement we did. With support from the Whitney Young students, the football team went undefeated and won the conference championship. What  a comeback for the Whitney Young Dolphins.

So with the season over, the football team can reflect on the accomplishments that occurred of the domination in the football team. Asking one of the returning seniors, Colin olusuyi ‘19, about the season and how it went, he said, “ I loved our season. I’m glad I had a chance to play again before I graduate and I couldn’t have been more proud of us.”

Tears of joy come from the winning team as they celebrate their win.

Lastly, asking one of the new football members, a junior, Mujahid Rahim ‘20 , his thoughts on the continuation of the football team, as he will be with the superior team for one more year, “ We are on the come up just watch. We going to keep winning and will destroy anyone in our path, just watch!!!”

You read that folks, the football team will keep getting W’s, regardless of the hardships that happened in the past. Tune in next year for another championship!


Joe Ward

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