Kanye West and the 13th Amendment


© Kanye West/Instagram

© Kanye West/Instagram

Kayla Bilal, Writer

“Make America Great Again” by abolishing slavery. That’s the topic of Kanye West’s latest tweet in regards to the 13th Amendment. After his latest outburst with TMZ, West has been under fire from the African-American community. Fans and haters alike have been ripping him to shreds, leading him to move back to Chicago, even doing an interview with WGCI to speak his truth on the situation. Recently, he’s gone to Twitter, posting the picture above and explaining that it represents the end of outsourcing jobs and the production of jobs “for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment.”

Fans of Kanye West at Whitney Young have different viewpoints on the issue, but most say that it was simply a misunderstanding. Skylar Mooyoung ‘19 feels that, “he didn’t mean that we should repeal the 13th Amendment; I just think he’s saying it’s dated. I mean, there are loopholes and I feel like he’s saying they should be closed.” Although Skylar loves him and appreciates his work, she believes that he needs to work on what he says as he can easily abuse his power. On the other hand, students that have come to dislike West have a different opinion. They are fed up with his statements and believe that these stunts are used for publicity to attract attention. Nyah Washington ‘20 states that, “I think he is being grossly irresponsible and divisive because he said we should repeal the 13th Amendment and his fans defend him and speculate about what he meant, but he didn’t say that. He said what he said so that everyone would uproar and discuss such a blunt claim.” It’s interesting to see the different perspectives on a topic that affects so many in the Chicago and African American community. What do you think?