Coming Soon: An Unwanted Standardized Test

Naiya Wax-Groot

High school students lay their heads on textbooks in a classroom.

Though the weather may not feel like it, fall approaches. Along with this new season comes progress reports and the year’s first REACH testing; all reminders that we are already well into the 1st quarter. Teachers have already begun to decide which of their classes will have to take it. According to Ms. Stewart, the yoga teacher, “I usually try to give the test to my classes with the least amount of students so less will have to do it.” Most teachers aren’t so enthusiastic about proctoring. It wastes class time, and the first REACH test of the year has proven not to affect how the students or teachers are evaluated. As a result of this, students shouldn’t have to be stressed about getting a good score. Lulu Chebaro ’20 observes, “Whitney students are so trained to constantly get high scores on standardized tests that even during REACH testing this early in the year, most are still taking the whole period to finish with the best they can do”. Emily O’Halloran ’20 adds, “It’s actually beneficial to the teacher’s evaluation to score badly on the first REACH test, so just try on the one at the end of the year.” As more assignments, college apps, and testing approach us, it’s important to stay motivated and calm. Know that fall REACH testing has little importance and enjoy the rest of October!