WY seniors give advice to incoming sophomores

Kasey Carlson, News Editor

“This year, grades start to matter more, and next year is no different. Get in gear and get organized now, before it’s too late.” –Matt Patrick

“You should learn to spell ‘sophomore’ correctly.” –Hannah Sommerlad

“Keep a cool head. Don’t let anything bother you.” –Bob Tichy

“Don’t be friends with seniors. They’ll leave you.” –Jaye Yetnikoff

“Do your homework. Those points add up, actually.” –Celina Nhan

“Relax.” —Alice Lee

“Even if you don’t like a teacher, don’t tune out, you’ll need that info later.” –Carson Atkinson

“Believe in J.C.” –Terry Lam

“This year will be better, just take your time.” –Tahir Koylass

“Join AAC.” –Preston Lee

“Join Science Olympiad. There’s a lot of food and it’s fun.” –Alex Pei

“Arriving 20 minutes late is not cool.” –P.J. Bufkin

“Actually enjoy your classes. Learn something new and have fun.” –-Jori Bonadurer

“Don’t be like me.” –Thomas Hennelly

“Take it easy and enjoy this year while you have it. Join some clubs, hang out with your friends. Junior year and the first semester of senior year will be crunch time.” –Willie Stevan

“Don’t be a brat. Teachers are more likely to help you if you aren’t rude.” –Andrea Zelen

“Don’t slack off.” –Jacinda Rivas

“Don’t hate on the freshmen. You were one a few months ago.” –Heather Buffone