Colin Kaepernick Ad

Kyla Jones, Editor

Just last year, a well known NFL player by the name of Colin Kaepernick started a controversial movement of kneeling during the National Anthem. The 49ers forced the new NFL star to opt out of his contract. All for standing up for what he believed was right. About a few weeks ago, Nike made the big decision to feature Colin Kaepernick on an ad. The ad displays a picture of the former NFL athlete that prints, “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything,” just below his eyes. I asked two of my classmate what they thought of the Colin Kaepernick situation. They both had two very opposing views. Diamond Styles ‘20 said “I feel as if the movement really inspires Americans who feel mistreated to speak out and not hide how they feel in fear of the backlash they may receive.” However Fernanda Sousa ‘19 said “ There are people who risk their lives everyday fighting for a country people can’t even stand up during a national anthem to honor.”


Many people who had opinions similar to Fernanda believed that the ad caused consumers to protest against nike products, lowering their sales. Ironically, this ad has actually caused a rise in Nike sales. The company has sold out of 61 percent more items since the ad debuted. Most important of all, a year later the two NFL teams have finally reached out to the former athlete in hopes to re sign him. Hopefully the story of Colin Kaepernick will inspire everyone to fight for what they believe in. Whitney Young students if you see something that is not right you have the right to speak up! Just because it doesn’t matter to someone else doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter at all.