Sneaky Cards Review


Nicholas Bussey

Sneaky Cards 2 Box

Nicholas Bussey

This summer, the toy company Gamewright came out with a sequel to their little-known interactive card game Sneaky Cards. In Sneaky Cards, each card contains a unique mission that encourages you to grow in one of 5 categories: Grow, Connect, Care, Engage, and Surprise. This addition of 54 more cards also includes the new “solve” category, which includes encrypted missions to decrypt and execute. The missions reward creativity and outgoingness, with objectives ranging anywhere from “Buy someone coffee” to “Repeatedly say ‘Marco’ in a public place and give this card to the first person who replies with ‘Polo’.”

The marketing strategy is largely based in the “Play it Forward” element of the game, where, to fulfil an objective, the card is passed on to the next person. Gamewright expects that people will pass the cards on and spread the game to as many people and places as possible. Unfortunately, it’s hard to know what will actually become of the card. According to the people who I interviewed, contact with the card is generally lost after it is passed on.

However, they still enjoy taking part in the game. “It’s a really interesting concept, and I would definitely recommend it [sneaky cards],” comments Charlie Nevins, ‘19. It’s also a really easy way to make someone’s day when you only have a tiny bit of time to spare and feel like being creative and having some fun. Various social interactions arise from playing the game, which makes it that much more rewarding as the game goes on. According to Aaliyah Taylor ‘20, when cards are passed on, it causes confusion. She notes that “when [I] gave [her] the card, [she] was like ‘what’s that?’” With that in mind, even if not everyone knows about Sneaky Cards, maybe that’s for the best; it makes the exchange more extraordinary and more meaningful to the recipient.

In the 21st century, when everyone is glued to their phones, there aren’t enough face to face interactions; let alone other card games that encourage people to have those positive day-to-day interactions with strangers. This is what makes this game so unique and timely. Because the game does require so much interaction with strangers, it should be noted that no one should feel obligated to go way out of their comfort zone to fulfil a card, as that would go against the main objective, which is to have fun making the world a better place.

If this article was interesting to you, you can pick up a pack of Sneaky Cards at your local cool toy or game store, or just help spread the word, and while you’re at it, maybe make someone smile. Try saying ‘Hi’ to a stranger or two. Be a kind human being, whether or not it’s Monday. That’s the whole point anyways, right?