Reselling Supreme Part 2: Drop Day

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Supreme releases clothing every Thursday during the season at 11 am EST. In my previous article I explained that desirable items that Supreme releases have resale value and discussed various methods for buying these items.

The main ways to buy items are by manually accessing the website and through bots, or computer programs that buy items for you. On drop days your setup and actions are determined by which method you are using.

If using a bot, setup begins much earlier than the drop. You must purchase a bot, which in itself is difficult. The best bots are always sold out and in order to purchase one you must follow their twitter accounts or use page monitors to figure out exactly when the go back in stock as bots also sell out in seconds. I recommend Astrobot, AIO Macbot, Cyber AIO, Casper Cop, Forcecop, and Swiftpreme as all of these have had success on the quickest of sellout times.

Bots vary in type. Some are desktop Supreme only bots, like Astrobot. These bots are made for Supreme only and focus on having the highest success at only Supreme, making them desirable. Other bots have multiple uses, like AIO Macbot and Cyber AIO. They are more expensive to purchase but have abilities to purchase on other websites besides Supreme where they are also rather effective. They work the same way as Astro. Certain bots are chrome extensions, like Forcecop, meaning it is a mix between the fully automatic bots and manual. This can be rather effective but requires more user input. Finally the last class is mobile bots, or bots that run on phones. Casper and Swift are both iOS bots, meaning you can run them on your iPhone. These are useful in that they are effective for securing 1-2 items and you can use them while running a desktop bot and manual at the same time.

On drop day every second matters. In the time leading up to the drop you must set up tasks on your bot, prepare autofill functions, and figure out which items have resale value. When you figure out which items you want and which you can realistically purchase, you need to make a plan. Each credit card can only purchase one of each style item, meaning you cannot purchase a Medium and a Large in the same style hoodie, or you cannot buy the same style hoodie in two different colors. Once you know which items you want and how you will pay for them, you can prepare.

You must have keywords for your bot to use, as well as know where on each page items will pop up if going manual. You must also understand the checkout process well. In fact you can even practice in advance with items that are not sold out. Just make sure to not accidentally buy something you will lose money on, which I will discuss in the next article. The biggest thing to focus on during drop day is to be fast.


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