Reselling Supreme Part 1: Buying Supreme

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Supreme is a clothing company that caters to skate and streetwear style. The brand started off as a small skate brand in New York City in 1994 and grew in popularity into the billion dollar company it is today.

Unlike a traditional clothing company, Supreme only releases a small number of clothing items at a time with two seasons that both include around 16 weeks of clothing releases. Every release occurs at 11 am EST at both Supreme’s stores and online, with a separate time for the stores in the EU.

Supreme releases small numbers of items specifically so that they sell out. They do not like being left with unsold items. As a result of clothes selling out one can sell the best and most desirable of items for more than retail price, making a profit.

However due to the desire for these items the sell out very fast. In the most extreme cases items sell out in just two seconds online, and it is very difficult to get a spot in line for in store releases.

One of the most effective methods to secure items is through simply being fast on the website. If you know the checkout process well and type fast, you can secure items that sell out rather fast. This method is consistent since it is the way things are supposed to work.

Where buying Supreme gets complicated is with bots, or computer programs that can automatically buy clothes. These are the reason why items can sell out so quickly. The bot visits the website and purchases the desired item extremely fast.

The whole process may seem simple enough until you realize you are competing with everyone else for only a small amount of items. Other people know what you know and have the same skills and tools and are better at using them. Figuring out ways to stay on top is what makes the whole practice difficult, fun, and profitable.

Marc Jiang, 18’ commented, “I don’t understand why it’s so desirable. It’s just clothes.” Parker Ljung, 18’ countered, “part of the desire is because of the history. People want Supreme items.” And Graham Burleigh, 16’ says, “there are plenty of better brands out there.”


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