GiHo Show Valentine’s Day

One segment in the February 14th episode of DubTV was the GiHo Show Valentine’s

Day edition. This is the third time the GiHo show has appeared and hopefully the last. I’m not even sure what to consider it at this point. The first time it was a PSA that was created as an assignment for class. The concept was that GiHo didn’t throw out trash and as a result people did not like him, spreading the message that littering is bad. This was a fine message and executed well aside from the constant music changes and occasional cringey edit. Making it even more entertaining for the viewers was the fact that it was two straight men who were falling in love, which never fails to be funny to high schoolers.

Where the GiHo show went wrong was with its continuation. The concept was a fine PSA, and that was that. Why exactly there was a second and now a third is my question. Both other episodes were just like the first, with GiHo trying to find love. The events stayed the same, and nothing progressed. No dialogue, and few changes.

I will give the creator some props for the shots included in the Valentine’s Day version. The addition of the heart dissolving was a nice special effect, and the characters showed emotion well. But if the show continues, something must change to make one episode different from the last.

The show has received support, with ____, 18’, saying, “Giho show was hilarious, rest in pieces Akin. David ended Giho’s life”. While ____, 18’, said, “GiHo’s Escapades was a good episode, but definitely confusing”. Others agree with my perspective with ___, 17’ saying, “the Giho segment could have been better if it was more straight to the point and didn’t run too long, it started getting really repetitive after a while and it started to loose focus”.